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take to ensure you stand out from the crowd of exhibitors. It is important to send something, such as a letter, email, or broadcast fax, to everyone who came by the booth to thank them and let them know when they can expect to hear from your company again. This should be done within three to five days after the show. Remember, if you don follow up, your competitors will. Use contact management database programs to ensure your sales staff get leads that are as complete and useful as possible. Then, after leads are distributed, hold your account representatives responsible for the results. There should be a written progress report from each salesperson at regular, predetermined intervals. This information can be used to track their performance, sales made, etc. Some companies use performance in lead follow up as one factor
Wholesale NFL jerseys in a salesperson annual performance review. Knowing that they will be held accountable for results is a powerful motivator. At
NFL jerseys the end of the day, management wants to know their money was well

note that a lead always places emphasis on an important or interesting aspect of the story. For instance, a specific Boston Celtics loss may, in itself, not be as significant or interesting as the fact it is the fifteenth loss the team experienced in a row. The article would tell the story of the game, but the lead would introduce the game with the most important or interesting fact about it, that it’s continuing a horrible streak, and would expand on that fact in the article. Write clearly and concisely. If you’ve ever read Sports Illustrated, you know that some sports articles can be what you might call "literary non fiction:" lengthy, poetic, filled with metaphor and digressions into back story. If your particular assignment requires that kind of writing, go for it. But if you read the daily sports section of your city paper, you will also notice that most of the articles reporting on the sporting events of the past day are concisely written. Yes, these articles include context and metaphor and technical

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