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needed, referrals to the Sky Health Centers. These centers use remote diagnostic devices for measurement of basic parameters such as blood pressure, heart rate, electrical activity of the heart and pulse rate. The patients are connected to doctors at WHP central medical facility in New Delhi via computers and webcams. The entrepreneurs have the option of leasing the equipment from WHP. cents for below poverty line households to US$1 (at the exchange rate of Rs. dollar). Patients who require surgery, inpatient care or specialized procedures that cannot be delivered via telemedicine are referred to the nearest WHP franchised health care clinic. Currently WHP has 16 such clinics in Uttar Pradesh. Since 2008, WHP has provided villagers in Uttar Pradesh with around 35,000 tele consultations for common ailments such as fever, indigestion and gynecological problems. Gopalakrishnan is now replicating this model in
Cheap NFL jerseys Bihar. Currently there are 104 telemedicine centers up and running in 13 districts of the state. He hopes

Hand Clothes September 20, 2008 By Rachel Paxton Leave a CommentConsignment shopping can be fun as well as rewarding. I was first introduced to consignment shopping when I was pregnant with my daughter, about 12 years ago. The trend of buying second hand items was just beginning. I started shopping at a store that consigns women and children clothes, toys, and baby furniture. At first I
NFL jerseys just bought some baby clothes there and marveled at how inexpensive they were (1/3 or less of retail prices). As my daughter got older I didn have any little girls to give her clothes to, so I started consigning her clothes. The consignment store decided how much the clothes should sell for, and after the clothes had sold, they gave me 30 to 50% of the purchase price. For just a few items that might only add up to a couple of dollars, but if you make a practice of taking in all of your children outgrown clothes, it can add up quickly. Where I shop, they will either give you the cash when the item sells, or they will hold your money

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